Thursday, March 27, 2008

Version Mismatch Fault!!

I tried to invoke a java class based web-service in a bpel process using invoke activity and got the following fault:
Version Mismatch.
After digging into it for a while, i did not get any clue. Finally, i resorted to google and found the following:
My web-service used couple of bindings: SOAP and SOAP1.2 And accordingly it had two ports. Now BPEL PM somehow finds this as a conflict, do not really understand why.
As a workaround, I removed one of the ports and binginds and to my surprize, it started working well.
Remove either of the bindings and ports and it will work.
I've tested this on SOA Suite version And this holds true for also.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

JSP Error Removed..

The error i faced last time, namely, jsp forward reference error finally vanished...
I am not sure the exact cause which brought about the error, however, when i created the human task activity all over from scratch with attention on linking between human task and .task file and on parameters and BPEL variables.
So i assumed it had something to do with the linkage...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

JSP Error..

Yesterday i faced one more error.. while compiling a BPEL Process that contained a Human Task activity and its custom forms.

"Error(11487,3): illegal forward reference"

I tried creating both the Autogenerated Forms as well as Custom Forms with Header, Body and Footer jsps. Both the times I got the same error:

So far got no clue what does it means in the context.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BPEL TaskDetails problem

I faced a problem regarding tasklist application deployment..
My bpel had a human task acitivity with a custom JSP for viewing task details.
I deployed the process using BPELConsole using Deploy New Process link.
Process worked fine. However, when I clicked a task name in tasklist application, it threw an error stating JSP was not found on the server.
I tried deploying the same process using JDev with the BPEL Server connection.
And to my surprize, the link started working.

Seems like, deployment using BPELConsole doesn't deply your custom JSP Pages for the worklist application. Where jdev also deploys the displayForms along with the BPEL Process.