Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Error after upgrading to

Got error java.sql.SQLException: [POL-5205] column BLOCK not found.This happened immidiately after upgrading to log to investigate and found the following:

The process domain was unable to insert the current log entries for the instance "2" to the audit trail table.
The exception reported is: [POL-5205] column BLOCK not foundPlease check that the machine hosting the datasource is physically connected to the network. Otherwise, check that the datasource connection parameters (user/password) is currently valid.sql statement: INSERT INTO audit_trail( cikey, domain_ref, count_id, block, block_csize, block_usize, log ) VALUES( ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? )] -> [java.sql.SQLException: [POL-5205] column BLOCK not found]

Found that:
The table definition is different for Oracle DB and Olite DB.BPEL PM uses the definition of audit_trail table for Oracle DB even if it connects to Olite. Hence, the problem.
Drop the audit_trail table first, and create anew from the Script file for Oracle DB.Make sure you have necessary backup before proceeding.

drop table audit_trail;
drop index at_fk;
create table audit_trail( cikey integer, domain_ref smallint, count_id integer, block integer, block_csize integer, block_usize integer, log raw( 2000 ));
create index at_fk on audit_trail( cikey );

It worked for me.!!